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Gary O. Shelton Mentorship and Training to become an                                                                                                                                       eSports Tournament Specialist (ETS) with eSports Amateur Competitor’s League (EACL)


Job description:


  • Responsible for customer service for five nonprofits
  • Answer questions about EACL online tournaments
  • Promote, via social media posts, EACL online tournaments
  • Join online video game forums and groups to promote EACL
  • We train you and you gain professional experience in eSports
  • Earn $1,600+/month part-time (8-12 hours per week)


EACL’s business model is to share 50% of its gross revenue with 50,000 nonprofits. You work with nonprofits and help them succeed!


Empowering regards,


Gary O. Shelton
Business Development Manager
Esports Amateur Competitors’ League (EACL)